Impact 2021


Covering the period from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021

Dear Friends,

What a year.

Together, we’ve lived through sickness, panic, economic pain and loss. Our community needed a trustworthy source for local news and resources, as well as outlets for connection and escape, and we embraced that responsibility.

You helped us grow to meet the need. In this same period that challenged us so much, Louisville Public Media has experienced unprecedented growth, expansion and new optimism.

We used the energy of uncertainty to keep pushing forward, navigating the pandemic and embracing anti-racism in our work while delivering more daily news, music and connection on more platforms — and to more people — than ever before.

We provided high-quality daily service without disruption while meeting the evolving needs and expectations of our audiences and our team. We have become more inclusive in daily practice, not just ensuring we have better representation in decision-making but creating new structures to empower everyone to share ideas and listen authentically.

We’ve put those we serve first — both audiences we have today and audiences we hope to attract in the future — realizing more than ever our long-held belief that our pathway to growth is in meeting community needs and building trust one person at a time.

Through it all, we raised the funding to nearly double the number of reporters at WFPL, and to grow the revenue team and strategy to support them well into the future. We created new programming on WUOL to capture the creative expression of the moment. And we increased our “Mental Health Days” on WFPK, to stay connected and supportive through the collective trauma of the pandemic.

We are becoming a bigger, more thoughtful and more representative organization — with you, for you and because of you.

I’m excited for the future, and I look forward to living it with you.

Stephen George, President, Louisville Public Media
Stephen George
Louisville Public Media

Inform. Inspire. Empower. Everyone.


Louisville Public Media informs, inspires and empowers through independent news, music, education and experiences that reflect our diverse community.


We will be the trusted, independent voice for the curious and engaged citizens of our diverse community and beyond.


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Louisville Public Media WFPL

89.3 WFPL News Louisville is an independent, nonpartisan daily news outlet that reports on our city, state and region without fear or favor. We carry out fact-based reporting that’s free from political and corporate influence. We are Louisville’s NPR affiliate that produces and distributes daily journalism via broadcast, digital audio and online media.

Louisville Public Media WUOL

90.5 WUOL Classical Louisville gives life to our city’s cultural community. With 24/7 classical music and fine arts features, interviews and event listings, we offer a unique local connection. We champion area artists and cultural institutions, and we offer an escape from our raucous world with music that feeds the soul and expertise that illuminates the art.

Louisville Public Media WFPK

WFPK is our region’s award-winning hub for independent, adult alternative music and American gems like jazz and bluegrass. We introduce you to significant new music, connect you to Louisville’s best and play your long-time favorites for an eclectic mix that can’t be heard anywhere else.

Louisville Public Media KyCIR

The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting is a nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom that produces investigative journalism that impacts you, your neighborhood and your Commonwealth. Our mission is to protect society’s most vulnerable citizens, expose wrongdoing in the public and private sectors, increase transparency in government and hold leaders accountable.

Louisville Public Media Ohio Valley ReSource

The Ohio Valley ReSource is a regional journalism collaborative reporting on economic and social change in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. Seven public media outlets across the three states partner to form the ReSource to strengthen news coverage of the area’s most important issues, including the economy, energy, environment, food, health and infrastructure.


“LPM is an invaluable resource for our community. From spotlighting local music, arts & culture, coverage of national news and newsworthy conversations, to diving deep into critical issues in our community – Louisville Public Media is my go-to source for just about everything.”

—Ann James

American Journalism Project Invests in Public Media

Louisville Public Media and WFAE were recipients of the first philanthropic investments in broadcast-focused public media from the American Journalism Project (AJP). This generous gift recognizes our dedication to local journalism, innovative approaches to programming and revenue strategies and a commitment to meeting the needs of diverse and traditionally underserved communities. With these funds, we are able to significantly bolster our operating capacity to expand the impact of our journalism and reach more of our community.

WFPL Newsroom Expansion

In January, WFPL announced the expansion of our newsroom, nearly doubling the number of local WFPL journalists on the ground, adding crucial editorial support and creating the City Team to cover four new local beats. Growing the newsroom enables us to better fulfill our mission to deliver local, civic news at a time when more people are turning to LPM seeking trustworthy sources of news and information to help them understand a chaotic and uncertain world.

Kiana Del and Colleen Phelps Join WUOL

WUOL expanded our staff and welcomed Kiana Del as Engagement Manager for Music Education and Colleen Phelps as Music Director. Del maintained and expanded many of our education and outreach efforts throughout the shutdown caused by the coronavirus with programs like “The Music Box” podcast and Instrumental Partners, while Phelps curated and cultivated original playlists for WUOL listeners in celebration of International Women’s Day, AAPI Month, and other significant events.

WFPK Celebrates 25 Years

“The New 92″ turned 25 years old in January. 91.9 WFPK was founded in 1954 at the Louisville Free Public Library as an all-classical companion to 89.3 WFPL, which first went on air in 1950. On January 8, 1996, at 6 a.m., we flipped the switch at WFPK from classical to our current adult album alternative format. In those 25 years, we’ve continued to bring you concerts, community connection, mental health days and the music you know and love.

Report for America

With help from the national Report For America, an initiative of The GroundTruth Project, Louisville Public Media expanded our local newsroom. WFPL added a Southern Indiana beat, while KyCIR added a beat focused on youth and social services with support from the program. Additionally, LPM was one of 164 newsrooms in 28 states and Puerto Rico chosen to host two Report For America corps members beginning June 1, 2020.

Appalachian Fall

The Ohio Valley ReSource (OVR) and Editor Jeff Young published “Appalachian Fall,” a collection of their reporting on the future of Appalachia—from the Blackjewel coal miners blocking the train tracks in Harlan County to people on the front lines of the opioid crisis to the fight for a just economic transition for coal country. Kirkus Reviews called the book “blunt, essential reading on today’s Appalachia that is less elegiac and more forward-thinking than most.”

COVID-19 Tracker

As documented cases of coronavirus continued to rise in our community and throughout Kentucky, WFPL created an interactive COVID-19 Tracker to share coronavirus data by-the-numbers in the Kentucky region. This live database presents numbers in user-friendly graphs that show key measures of COVID-19 like positive tests, positivity rate, deaths and hospitalizations as well as maps displaying hotspots and virus spread in one central location.

Investigating Police Shootings

KyCIR collaborated with Newsy to reveal major gaps in how LMPD shootings are communicated. Our in-depth reporting found that when LMPD kills someone, families are left in the dark about how police are handling the case or, in some cases, when the case has been closed. The reforms LMPD has said they implemented years ago to correct these oversights are the same promised reforms agreed to in the settlement reached with Breonna Taylor’s family in late 2020.

WFPK Mental Health Days

Through 2020 and into 2021, WFPK nurtured our community health with monthly #WFPKMentalHealthDays — full days of songs by-request to lift our spirits, give us hope and help us cope. Mental Health Days also provided valuable online resources and interviews with community advocates to share practical support options for those who needed them. In October, Jim James curated an hour of music and spoke with Laura Shine about how Alice Coltrane’s music has helped him cope with difficult times.

Welcome to AppalachAmerica

In April, the Ohio Valley ReSource launched “Welcome to AppalachAmerica”, a new podcast that digs into what might be the biggest question for many Eastern Kentucky communities: As the country moves to new, cleaner energy, what happens to those places that gave us the old energy? Host Jeff Young and the Ohio Valley ReSource reporting team share stories that illuminate why the path to tackling climate change runs straight through Appalachian coal country.

Statement to a Racist Listener

The mission of LPM is to inform, inspire and empower through programming that reflects our diverse community. When WUOL received a racist letter from a member who did not like that we were playing more music composed by Black artists, we responded quickly and publicly in support of diverse composers and voices: Black, brown, people of color, women, LGBTQ. WUOL Program Director Daniel Gilliam went on to program an entire day of music by Black composers only.

Student Assignment Series

In our 5-part series on the proposed new JCPS student assignment plan, WFPL Education and Learning reporter Jess Clark examined the racial equity in Louisville’s public schools. The series took a closer look at what this new plan could mean for JCPS’s legacy of integration, as well as the district’s future.

Arts, Culture, Et Cetera

WFPL debuted Arts, Culture, Et Cetera in March. Curated by Stephanie Wolf, this new arts and culture newsletter connects subscribers to the latest news, events and artist profiles in the Kentuckiana region.

2,000 lbs. of produce to #FeedTheWest

LPM partnered with Green Bean Delivery to support the local nonprofit Change Today, Change Tomorrow during our December Membership Drive. LPM members generated a donation of more than 2,000 pounds of fresh produce for their #FeedTheWest campaign, a community-based food justice initiative working to create sustainable fresh food resources for residents of Louisville’s West End.

Race Unwrapped

Racial inequity dominated the national conversation in 2020, but it has long been embedded in society — and in more ways than we think. In fall 2020, WFPL premiered the new podcast “Race Unwrapped” with host Michelle Tyrene Johnson tackling different ways to unwrap and unpack race and identity. The first season turned intentionally toward the intersection of race and gender, with Johnson interviewing black women and women of color in the Louisville community.

WFPK’s Kyle Meredith on Morning Joe

WFPK Music Director Kyle Meredith joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe as a music contributor. Alongside Joe Scarborough, Meredith interviewed major artists like Ben Folds, Liz Phair, Sheryl Crow, and the Pixies to talk about their music, interests and more.

Podcast Initiative

In March 2021, LPM launched the “Podcast Incubator”—a new podcast initiative designed to increase access and resources to podcast producing for underserved communities. This program provides valuable support through a distribution partnership program as well as a podcast internship. Empowering our community to own and tell their stories, the Podcast Incubator creates a space for sharing those conversations.

Instrumental Partners

WUOL’s Instrumental Partners program returned this year and put over 100 refurbished instruments in the hands of aspiring musicians in need, granting them access to music education.

The Music Box Podcast

WUOL’s interactive podcast for children and families, “The Music Box,” focuses on building musical objectives for young learners. This season marked its fifth and presented a unique opportunity for music education in the early days of the COVID-19 shutdown. Listeners were taken on a virtual trip through the musical landscape of Latin America, heard operas written specifically for kids and traveled in time to meet some of America’s Black composers.

Search Warrants in Louisville

The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting analyzed hundreds of search warrants following the killing of Breonna Taylor. What they found was that most signatures were unreadable. KyCIR’s reporting led to the adoption of a new search warrant form and chronicled an attempt at transparency.

One Year After the Death of Breonna Taylor

The WFPL newsroom marked the one-year anniversary of the killing of Breonna Taylor with a week of reporting reflecting on the local and national impact of her death, becoming more than the face of a movement.

Essential Worker series

The phrase “essential worker” became commonplace as COVID-19 forced many to continue working in person. Whether by choice or necessity, they made it possible for the rest of us to manage. The WFPL Essential Worker series highlighted various essential workers in our community, exploring how they adapted, persevered and the challenges they continue to face.

A Whole Other Reality

We chronicled the experience of the first Kentuckian to get COVID-19 and the first hospital in Kentucky to treat it with an in-depth look at her diagnosis, recovery and the impact of evolving information on treatment and tracking the virus.

Frontline Government Workers Vaccine Priority

Following reports that Louisville’s library workers would not be included in the 1c priority tier for the COVID-19 vaccine, WFPL began to look into why these employees were excluded, especially since their jobs are public-facing. As we reported the story, pressing public health and city officials on the issue, Louisville Metro changed course and added library, zoo and parks workers to the vaccine priority group, allowing those workers to get vaccinated sooner.

WFPK Music News and The First Cut Podcasts

WFPK Music News and The First Cut launched as podcasts this year, making breaking music news and insightful interviews with your favorite artists available on demand.

Virtual Events

In a year when in-person events weren’t possible, LPM created new opportunities for connection and learning. Leveraging the accessibility of digital platforms, our community could go to concerts, hang out with their favorite musicians, ask questions of a reporter assigned to the White House, or learn about the impact of history on current events and the importance of the arts in everyday life.

Covid and the Unemployment Insurance Crisis

Due to COVID-19 and the widespread shutdown of bars, restaurants and in-person employment to curb the spread of infections, a record number of Kentuckians applied for unemployment insurance KyCIR exposed the state’s missteps in administering that program.


“Thank you for reporting that digs deep. Truth matters. Truth matters. Truth matters. Especially in the era of gaslighting we’re living through today. “

—Meaghan Thomas

91.9 WFPK

Best Local Radio Station

91.9 WFPK was recognized as “Best Local Radio Station” in the 2020 LEO Readers’ Choice Awards

89.3 WFPL, KyCIR & OVR

Edward R. Murrow Award

The Edward R. Murrow Awards honor outstanding achievements in electronic journalism.

Public Media Journalists Association Awards

The awards recognize the best work in public media journalism from across the country.

Kentucky Broadcasters’ Association Impact Broadcast Awards

  • 1st Place: Long Light News Feature: Laura Ellis, WFPL-FM, Louisville, “Little Things: Zoom With Grandpa”
  • 1st Place: Special Series/Documentary: Jess Clark, WFPL-FM, Louisville, “JCPS Student Assignment Plan: Equity or Resegregation?”
  • 1st Place: Investigative Reporting: Jared Bennett, WFPL-FM, Louisville, “Kentucky Unemployment Crisis”
  • 1st Place: Digital Coverage: WFPL-FM, Louisville, “Police Violence: Protests and Investigations.”
  • 1st Place: Continuing Coverage: WFPL-FM, Louisville, “Louisville Protests”
  • 2nd Place: Breaking News: Jacob Ryan, Eleanor Klibanoff and Ryan Van Velzer, WFPL-FM, Louisville, “Law Enforcement Kills David McAtee.”
  • 2nd Place: Use of Sound: Ryan Van Velzer and Amina Elahi, WFPL-FM, Louisville, “Louisville Metro Council Approves Ban on NoKnock Warrants.”
  • 2nd Place: Radio Anchor: Bill Burton, WFPL-FM, Louisville
  • 3rd Place: Overall Excellence: WFPL-FM, Louisville
  • 3rd Place: Short Newscast: Bill Burton, WFPL-FM, Louisville

Green Eyeshade Awards

The awards honor the best online, radio, print and television journalism in the southeastern United States.

  • First Place in investigative reporting, radio: KyCIR – Jared Bennett & Eleanor Klibanoff, Unemployment crisis in Kentucky
  • Second Place in breaking news reporting, radio: WFPL News – Jacob Ryan, Eleanor Klibanoff, Ryan Van Velzer & J. Tyler Franklin, Law Enforcement  Kills David McAtee

Investigative Reporters & Editors Awards

The country’s top investigative journalism association honors the best work in the nation.

Society of Professional Journalists Louisville Chapter Awards

  • First Place Enterprise/investigative reporting Jacob Ryan, KyCIR “Judges evade accountability for search warrants”
  • First Place Best sound mixing/creative use of sound Ryan Van Velzer, Amina Elahi ouisville Metro Council Approves Ban On No-Knock Warrants
  • First Place Best Use of Data – Suhail Bhat
  • First Place    Environmental reporting    James Bruggers    Inside Climate News via Courier-Journal and WFPL    Environment and Politics: Environmental justice and a Year of Decisions
  • Second Place    Continuing coverage/series reporting    Jess Clark, Eleanor Klibanoff, Jacob Ryan    WFPL    David McAtee shooting
  • Third Place    Public affairs reporting    Jewel  Jackson    WFPL    Racial Trauma and #SayHerName
  • Third Place    Team coverage    Staff     WFPL    Louisville protests

Visionary Voice Award

The National Sexual Violence resource Center award recognizes the creativity and hard work of individuals around the country who have demonstrated outstanding work to end sexual violence.

Education Writers Association Awards

These national awards for education reporting advance education journalism by recognizing the field’s very best efforts.


Fiscal Year: July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

“Thanks for being so committed to bringing diversity to the airwaves and acknowledging the contributions of people of color to the world of classical music. It certainly something we need more of!”

—Rosemary Sims



Total Revenue: $8,889,498

Total Expenses: $5,985,017

Ending Net Assets: $9,788,462

*Revenue includes one-time funding related to LPM’s three-year newsroom expansion campaign as well as funding provided through federal COVID-19 relief. LPM projects are funded based on multi-year cycles, which means we sometimes show large annual gains and losses even while annual operating funding remains steady.



Fiscal Year: July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

“I am truly proud to belong to a city with such a positive, powerful, local radio station. I was especially grateful for your weekly Mental Health Days earlier this year. Thank you for helping to end the stigma of mental illness and for your never-ending support of this community all-around.”

—Savannah Stagg

Tyler N. Allen
Ellen Call
Eric Carrig, Immediate Past Chair
Ann Coffey
José Neil Donis
Linda Ewald
José Gaztambide
Ankur Gopal

Dexter Horne
Nat Irvin II
John La Barbera
Heather McHold
Holly Weyler McKnight
Susan Moss
Cedric Powell

Alan Rosenberg
Keith Runyon
Abby Shue, Secretary/Treasurer
Andrew J. Simon
Wendy Sirchio, Chair
Terry Tolan
Marita Willis


“Thank you for keeping us informed, involved, and entertained. We will never forget the times and tunes we’ve shared and continue to share with Louisville Public Media. You are like family and you’ve enriched both our lives and our city.”

—Bjorn & Debbie Stengel

Marie Dever, Chair
Kenisha Thompson, Vice Chair
P. Kimé Lê, Secretary
Jose Aponte
Mac Brown
Kate Caufield
Bill Coleman
Marcelline Coots

Yodit Dori
J.J. Duling
Scott Estes
Yalonda Green
Eric Gurevich
Beth Howard
Edgardo Mansilla
Mazen Masri

Donna Peak
Kayla Phelps
Todd Read
Alex Simon
Natalie Stelzer
Melanie Veneracion-Parker
Laura Warren
LaToya Whitlock


“You’ve all been a constant companion to me and thousands of others through a full year of House Arrest for Humanity, and your contagious enthusiasm for the music you play has never flagged. You guys are the Emerald City in a vast, algorithm-programmed radio wasteland, and I thank you for being a smart, enjoyable and engaging alternative to corporate schlock!”

—Hal Stucker, Brooklyn

Ashleé Clark, Vice President of Digital
Stephen George, President & General Manager
Ellen Oost, Vice President of Development & Marketing

Gray Smith, Vice President of Corporate Support
Charles Spivey, Vice President of Operations & Technology
Dennis Stovall, Vice President of Finance

Graham Ambrose, Investigative Reporter
Ryland Barton, Capitol Bureau Chief
Jared Bennett, Investigative Reporter
Suhail Bhat, Data Journalist
John Boyle, Health/Southern Indiana Reporter
Bill Burton, Morning Edition Host
Jess Clark, Education & Learning Reporter
Jasmine Demers, Investigative Reporter
R.G. Dunlop, Investigative Reporter
Michael Edgerly, Managing Editor
Amina Elahi, City Editor
Laura Ellis, Director of Podcasts & Special Projects
Sally Evans, Host
Bec Feldhaus Adams, News Director
Ron Fisher, Host

Jonese Franklin, Program Director & All Things Considered Host
Kate Howard, KyCIR Managing Editor
Rick Howlett, Midday Talk Host
Michelle Tyrene Johnson, Associate Producer
Breya Jones, Breaking News Reporter
Yasmine Jumaa, Race & Equity Reporter
Eleanor Klibanoff, Investigative Reporter
Erica Peterson, Director of News & Programming
Rip Rinehart, Host
Roberto Roldan, City Politics & Government Reporter
Clare Roth, News Editor
Jacob Ryan, Investigative Reporter
Ryan Van Velzer, Energy & Environment Reporter
Stephanie Wolf, Arts Reporter
Jeff Young, OVR Managing Editor

Tara Anderson, Producer of The Music Box
Alan Brandt, Senior Announcer
Kiana Del, Engagement Manager for Music Education
Jill Fox, Host

Daniel Gilliam, Director of Radio, Program Director & Host
Faith Murphy, Host of The Music Box
Colleen Phelps, Music Director & Host

Stacy Owen, Program Director
Kyle Meredith, Music Director
Laura Shine, Assistant Program Director
Matt Anthony
Aaron Bibelhauser
Big Howell & Possum
Mel Fisher
Benny Harris
JPB & JP Source
Otis Junior
John LaBarbera

Duke Meyer
Bob Mitchell
Nightvisions (Alex Bell, Aaron Chadwell & Sam Sneed)
Danny O’Bryan
Sheryl Rouse
Sir Microcosm (Dave Givan)
Dick Sisto
John Timmons
Woodrow on the Radio
Michael Young

Debbie Clauson, Account Specialist
Lia J. Murphy, People Operations Manager

J. Tyler Franklin, Visual Media Producer
Robert Johnson, Producer
Eric Matthews, Broadcast Production Technician

Kojin Tashiro, Associate Producer
Russell Wells, Technical Operations Manager
Brad Yost, Producer

Rachel Firkins, Membership & Volunteer Coordinator
Dexter Horne, Development Associate
Briana Kinkead, Sustainer Membership Coordinator

Kirsten Pfalzgraf, Director of Engagement
Rachel Raphael, Engagement Coordinator
Kelly Wilkinson, Membership Director

Randy Cook, Jr., Corporate Sponsorship Representative
Mindy Fulner, Designer
Jennifer Goodman, Traffic Manager
John Grantz, Senior Corporate Marketing Representative

Tracy Karem, Corporate Marketing Representative
Bryan McFarland, KPRN Corporate Marketing Representative
Scott Stephens, Corporate Marketing Representative


Fiscal Year: July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

“We started listening to your live stream last year during the first month of lock down and now cannot live without the calm and peace of classical music in our home. We love how you are showcasing more diverse artists and composers. We learn something new every time we tune in.”

—Sarah Strapp & Philip Dennison





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The vast majority of our funding comes from the local community. See below for a list of partners and business sponsors who made our work possible last year. Special thanks to the local, regional and national foundations who support Louisville Public Media, and especially to the 14,000 members who invest in our success each year.

Actors Theatre of Louisville
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Cave Hill Heritage Foundation
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Headliner’s Music Hall
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